About Us
We are a 501 (c)(3) non profit charitable organization composed entirely of volunteers-business people, retired educators, parents and interested members of the community.  All our funds are raised through donations and fundraisers.     You are encouraged to join us as an auxiliary member, where you can help us in many ways without having to make  a major time commitment.  Interested:  Contact Susan Lipstein at 908-851-9869 or [email protected] for more information and an application.  Help us to "pay it forward" to the students in our public schools!

The mission of the Township of Union Education Foundation is to make available those resources that will enrich the learning process of students so that they can possess the skills and attitudes to be productive citizens in an increasingly complex, competitive and changing world.  To meet this challenge, the Education Foundation will strive to enhance the quality of education of all Union students by supporting and encouraging the development of innovative programs and projects which comply with but are not budgeted for by the district.

The Education Foundation is committed to establishing school gardens  in as many public schools as possible in the Township of Union.  Currently, there are school gardens at Connecticut Farms Elementary School, Hannah Caldwell Elementary School, Battle Hill Elementary School, Livingston Elementary School,  and Union High School.  We have also funded school trips to Liberty Hall and the Caldwell Parsonage to help our students experience the historical treasures that we have in our town.
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Why We Do It
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​​Our public schools today are facing the constant challenge of doing more with less.  Higher operating costs and budget caps affect the use of limited funds.  The Education Foundation funds go directly to our students in the form of grant materials for their teachers.  Teachers are excited to use new materials, students become more enthusiastic learners.  Everyone benefits!

You can help us continue our success in many ways:
Here are some examples:
Corporate sponsorships and grants:  ConnectOne Bank has been suporting us with grants for 15 years. Other like-minded groups and business have provided grants, funds or donations
of goods.Are you interested in helping us this way?  Contact us at [email protected]

Susan Lipstein - President
Arlene Schor - Vice President
Irene Goldie-Petras - Treasurer
Barbara Birger - Secretary
Kathy Arminio, Loretta Lee-Matthews , Lorraine Bartone
Kathy Ernst Fran Ryan - Connectone Bank,   Loretta Saunderson
   Sal Terrezza , Linda Hrevnack ,  Evelyn Zeh  ,Suehay Monge'