1. Mini-grants usually have more of a chance of getting fully funded, as compared to macro-grants.

2. Macro-grants that we fully fund are for programs that reach as many children as possible. An example of a macro-grant that was fully funded is the World Drumming instruments which  impacts all children at Jefferson School.

3. Macro-grants that request less than the $5000.00 maximum have a better chance of being funded than those asking for a full $5000.00. If you can do your project for less than the $5000.00, please take that into consideration when you apply.

4. Funds are available for grants specifically for professional  staff that work with children with exceptional needs.  If you are interested in applying for such a grant, please note that information on your application.
The 2019-2020 Education Foundation grant application forms are now available!  Grant applications will be due on February 28, 2019   Grant applications can be received from teaching staff, supervisors, principals and the Superintendent of Schools. 
Please access the grant forms by clicking below: