Progress Reports on 2018-2019 Grants in Action

Mr. Tommy Harrell, principal of Burnet Middle School, reported that to date 275 students and 7 staff members have utilized the green house procured under a grant issued from the Township of Union Education Foundation. Staff and students helped to construct the greenhouse as a team project. In January, radishes will be planted by the students and staff. The science, art and language arts departments will then engage in a cross-curricular project. Mr. Harrell stated the garden is serving as a place to bring all together. Eli, one of the students, said, “It is so cool to see the greenhouse finally put together. I cannot wait to see how my seeds grow!” while Steven, another student, chimed in, “We can grow things all year round!”
In a fourth grade classroom at Connecticut Farms School, Ms. Patricco and Ms. Gilligan are using the LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Sets and chromebooks received from their grants. They report these have helped their students continue to learn how to collaborate and communicate with each other to solve problems. They use the chromebooks to design a plan to solve a problem and then use the Legos to create the solution. They are totally engaged and enjoy using hands-on materials to create their designs. They are using the Engineering Design Process which is an important part of the Next Generation Science Standards. Students have commented on how fun learning can be. Some of the other things the students have stated include: I can’t believe I created something that actually works!! I am learning many different things when we talk first, then decide what to do. I want to be an engineer when I grow up!!
Another grant recipient, Ms. Deczynski from Kawameeh Middle School, has greatly expanded her students musical knowledge with new instruments. Student’s  in the 7
Here is a video of 4 students that built and programmed this robot on their own. I told them that I wanted to film their robot. I didn't know they were going to speak. Listen closely and you'll here them talking about each motor and its function and how they programmed it to move forward, backwards and strike. You'll here the boy reference the brick which is the small computer that drives drives the different motors. This particular robot has three different motors that make it move and strike.

Constructing Robots

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These are student in Greg Pardo's third grade classroom at Connecticut Farms constructing robots. Once they are complete, they will begin working on programming.